3 Must Play Juice-Themed Slot Machines

Some of the juice recipes we share on this magazine come from combinations, we kid you not, from slot machines. That’s right. We’ve been playing several fruit-themed and vegetable-themed slot machines to come up with new juice recipes.

We now move on to juice themed slot machines to get some new ideas. We will share with you our top picks for slot machine games and maybe you can beat us to the punch of discovering a new juice mix.

Juice N Fruits

If you want juice and fruits, then Juice N Fruits is the slot game for you. You can play this online slot machine right now on the online casino website Play Royal Vegas. This slot game has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 paylines. Compared to other games with more than 20 paylines, Juice N Fruits does not come up short.

Yes, there are fewer chances of winning but, there are a lot of bonuses you can take advantage of. After a successful spin, you have the chance to trigger the mini game. It’s risky but rewarding. In the mini game, you can double or even quadruple your winnings.

But what you want is to get that 5 “7” combinations to get 5,000 coins at once.

Juice Box

featured image 3 Must Play Juice Themed Slot Machines Juice Box - 3 Must Play Juice-Themed Slot Machines

Now, this is not your usual flavour juice drink with sippy straws. This slot took the concept of juice boxes literally and gives you fruits in the shape of boxes or squares. You get an apple, strawberry, pineapple, and so many more fruits.

You have to keep an eye on the Golden Apple as the wild symbol. However, what you want is the heart shape symbol. When you see that, it may present in five different colours, pink, green, purple, gold, and blue. Each colour has a bonus add-on.

For example, if you get the pink heart, you get 20 free spins and a multiplier, x2, x3 or x5. Gun for the x5 of course.

Fruits of Neon

Just like Juice N Fruits, Fruits of Neon is a combination of juices and fruits. What stands out about this game is its graphic design mainly focused on neon symbols and reels. You get all the good features of a slot game like wilds, scatters, multipliers, and a juicy jackpot.

The jackpot of this game is a progressive jackpot so there three progressive jackpots to win.