3 Must-Visit Juice Bars in Toronto

Canada is on top when it comes to promoting health benefits through healthcare services and of course the food we eat and drink.

The idea of juice bars has spread all over Canada not just because of the bold flavours, but because of the balance it gives people in terms of their lifestyle and diet. In different cities, a hundred juice bars are serving freshly squeezed juices daily.

Some of the vegan juice bars serve nothing but vegetable-made beverages and treats. If you want to visit the best juice bars in Canada, Toronto is where you go.

Village Juicery – 540 College Street

Village Juicery is a staple destination for many of the people residing in Toronto. The store grew and grew through word of mouth. People all over Canada started flying to Toronto just to get a taste of their cold-pressed green juice. All ingredients they use are freshly picked and organic.

The green juice is their best seller and it is composed of bok choy, kale, cucumber, parsley, aloe vera, lemon, and spinach.

There are different choices to choose from of course. Another great juice pick is the Be Radiant. It is made with carrot, lemon, granny smith apples, turmeric root, and sweet potato. This juice is 80% root and 20% fruit.

Now, this is a real fruit drink. No sugar added, just fresh ingredients pressed the right way.

The Grow Op – 222 Ossington Avenue, Old Toronto

The Grow Op is not just a juice bar but a restaurant, a vegan restaurant to be exact. They serve different kinds of vegan meals, salads, snacks, and desserts. But their juices are the stars for so many of the people in the neighbourhood.

The Grow Op is a favourite destination among the locals. There are three pressed juice options you can choose form. The first is a combination of carrot, pineapple, and jalapeno. That’s right jalapeno. The second one is made up of beetroot, ginger, lemon, and apple.

The last one, some say the best one of the three, is a mix of spinach, celery, apple, cucumber, and lemon.

Greenhouse Juice Co. – 420 King Street West

Finally, the Greenhouse Juice Co. or just simply the Greenhouse as it is referred to by the regulars. At the Greenhouse, you not only get freshly squeezed juices but freshly squeezed juice shots as well. Now, this is a real juice bar plus the bar experience.

Their juices have different health benefits including energy boost, hydration, detox, and more. There are 9 cold-pressed juice options to choose from but at times, they make up a special drink according to the season.

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