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Wild and Raw started as a small store along 137th Avenue, Edmonton, AB. The store sold fresh and organic vegetables farmed behind the house of the owner. The owner is Freya Howard, a long-haul truck driver. She opened the store to make extra money during her rest days.

The store became popular in the community and people would drive in just to get organic produce. When the business got established, Howard started making and selling fresh fruit and vegetable drinks.

It was another big hit among the locals and that’s when Howard got the idea of the Wild and Raw online magazine.

Wild and Raw Online Magazine

The store became Howard’s full-time job and driving a truck the sideline. Every day, the store is cleaned out, but people continue to come from all over for fresh produce and organic juices.

Howard then decided to share her knowledge about fresh and organic ingredients and how you can turn them into healthy juices. The Wild and Raw magazine generated thousands of readers in its first couple of weeks.

After only 3 publications out, Wild and Raw was already a massive hit, not only in the community but throughout Edmonton.

Howard got great feedback from more than 15,000 daily readers. Today, the number of readers is around 60,000 and growing. The magazine releases new content every week and every week it generates more than a thousand new readers.

Howard now works with a team and Wild and Raw continue to inform people on everything related to fresh ingredients and juices.