The Best Juice Bars in Alberta

When you say juice bars in Canada, you quickly think of the province of Ontario with the best juice bars in the country. To narrow it down, you can’t go wrong with Toronto when it comes to juice bars that offer delicious and incredibly healthy fresh juices.

But, when you are talking about fresh juices, you simply can’t leave out the province of Alberta. Here, you can find amazing juice bars and restaurants

Glow Juicery – 104 Street Northwest, Edmonton

If you want to glow, this is where you go for a juice fuse. Glow Juicery offers quite the juice menu. They offer more than a dozen juice mixes like Citrus Glow (orange, lemon, ginger) Earthy Glow (apple, beet, carrot, cucumber, ginger), and Ener-G Glow (spinach, cucumber, pear, celery, chlorophyll).

That is just the tip of the iceberg by the way. Glow Juicery is a franchise with stores in different places in Canada like Hamilton, Kelowna, Red Deer, and Duncan. Glow Juicery focuses on the nutrients brought out by each fresh ingredient.

Jusu Bar Brookfield – 6 Ave SW, Calgary

Jusu knows only one way to make juices, with 100% organic ingredients and produce. From farm to a blender and then to your drink container. Jusu offers the best juice recipes for cleansing and weight loss. They serve both cold-pressed juice and organic foods using only fresh ingredients.

To learn more about Jusu here’s what they have to say on their home page. “JUSU is on a mission to create 100% pure plant-based products for all aspects of life.”

Kb and Co – 104 Street NW Edmonton

featured image The Best Juice Bars in Alberta Kb and Co 104 Street NW Edmonton - The Best Juice Bars in Alberta

Kb and Co are recognized all over Canada. The juice bar/restaurant is a favourite destination by the locals and tourists alike. Kb and Co steers clear from anything that is not plant-based foods like eggs, dairy, meat, and soy.

Instead of juices, Kb and Co serve smoothies, which is a type of juice. You can’t and shouldn’t miss out on their Sweet Green and Bell Pepper Bliss smoothies. You just can’t. You should also give their meals and snacks a try. We highly suggest the Acai Bowl and the White Bean and Kale Stew.

Whichever juice bar you go to, make sure to order something made entirely of fresh ingredients.