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With the Wild and Raw blog and online magazine, we got so much on our plate and we need your help. We are now opening admissions for the feature writer position at Wild and Raw.

We are looking for someone who can write and research content in line with Wild and Raw.

What to write about?

If you are familiar with Wild and Raw, then you already know what to write about. We write about fresh and organic ingredients for making different kinds of juices. You will also write feature articles about the best fresh juice bars in all of Canada.

But we are not limited to those topics. Wild and Raw is planning to write about different disciplines and methods of dieting with fresh ingredients being the focus. Wild and Raw online magazine is all about improving people’s health, lifestyles, and lives.


Before you can start writing for our live platforms, you will first undergo one month of training with our senior editors and marketing managers. You will learn the entire process of the online magazine and the many online platforms we are active in.

You will also get the chance to learn from the company’s owner Freya Howard. During the training program, you will also learn more about the background of the company from Howard herself.

How to apply?

This is just like your usual job opening. First, you send out a resume and a cover letter. Tell us why you will be a good fit for the company. We also encourage you to create and present a portfolio with your sample materials (published and unpublished). These documents will help us further assess your writing skills and capabilities.

Send us those documents and we will contact you after three business days about the status of your application.